“I am forever indebted to Michelle Zamora, Kirsten Collins, Armando Somoza, and yves louise for their dedication to bringing the Values Canvas to life, and for Justin Lokitz for bringing us all together. Without your work designing and developing that Canvas, it would be nowhere near the tool that it is today. Thank you, truly, for helping me let go of the terribly drawn pyramid in order to unock the full potential of what the Values Canvas was originally meant to achieve.” 

- Olivia Gamblin, from her book Responsible AI: Implement an Ethical Approach in Your Organization.


The Values Canvas, inspired by Olivia Gambelin’s book Responsible AI: Implement An Ethical Approach in Your Organization, is a framework for companies to align and make decisions on how AI impacts people, processes, and technology.


Translate Olivia’s key objectives and thought process into a practical visual tool for teams, complementing the in-depth theory in her book.


A refined and tested tool exceeding the visualization of Olivia’s methodology. Through collaboration and iterative design, we achieved:


  • Lead Designer


  • In-depth interviews
  • Design research 
  • Manuscript anaylsis
  • Sketching and ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing


  • Zoom
  • Miro
  • Slack
  • XD


November 2023 - January 2024 (8 weeks)

Research and Ideation

Presented with descriptions of the book’s three pillars: People, process, and technology. We researched and analyzed Olivia’s transcript and ideated different infographic solutions. 

Initial round of ideations


Our team aimed to create a tool to help businesses identify gaps in their strategies for responsibly implementing AI. This led to the first prototype of the Ethical AI Canvas, inspired by the Business Model Canvas.




After refining our ideas with Olivia, we facilitated a usability workshop with global participants from diverse industries. The prompt for participants:

Imagine you are an employee of the "Bank of Ixelles," working on the AI Credit Loan project with a focus on fairness. Please fill in the stickies using the guiding questions in the canvas.

Usability test workshop

Refining and Implementing

Feedback led to key changes in the final version of the Values Canvas. For our final deliverable, we provided Olivia and her team with all digital assets and multiple formats of the canvas for various uses.

Olivia presenting an in-person workshop using the final Values Canvas 

Key Learnings

  • Effective communication, ideation, and facilitation are crucial for successful outcomes.
  • Visual design goes beyond aesthetics to communicate complex ideas effectively
  • Applied design principles transformed Olivia's ideas into interactive visual frameworks for the final deliverable.