Developing solutions to mitigate harmful bias at scale

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X - The Moonshot Factory is a diverse group of inventors and entrepreneurs who build and launch technologies that aim to improve the lives of millions, even billions, of people. Their goal: 10x impact on the world’s most intractable problems, not just 10% improvement. They approach projects that have the aspiration and riskiness of research with the speed and ambition of a startup.


Develop a solution to mitigate harmful bias at scale instead of spreading it.


A solution: Opportunity Atlas - Reveal blind spots in your strategy. This is a concept for an AI model trained on a vast intersectional dataset that encompasses diverse dimensions to ensure that every decision you make is fair, equitable, and socially just for all. We developed tools for storytelling:

  • Final Pitch
  • Homepage Mockup
  • Lending Decisions Storyboard

“Thank you all for your incredible work, it was such a pleasure to collaborate with all of you!”

- Emi Kolawole, Troublemaker & Firestarter
The Bureau of Troublemaking, X

Design Strategist


Consulting, Scrum, dot voting, system mapping, value proposition


XD, Miro, Canva, Slack


Nov. 14 - Dec. 6, 2023 (Four weeks)

Concept sharing and ideation


This was a four week design sprint with a team of five. Our initial charge was to imagine:

What does a “Policy Intelligence Machine” look like?

After desk research and ideation, we landed on two concepts to share with our client:

  1. Social intelligence for offline change
  2. An equity forecaster that makes the invisible visible 

Concept 1

It applies social intelligence tools and influencer marketing tactics to transform how organizations influence behavior, attitudes, and mindsets. Why? Targeting new consumer segments is costly and risky. Identifying likelihood of adoption, pathways for change, and resonance of tactics shortens time to value.

Concept 1 pitch

Concept 2

It is an intersectional AI tool that examines history across numerous lenses (e.g. economic, political, global, educational) to create an impact analysis to better inform key decisions for companies and organizations. Why? Surfacing biases will provide actionable insights for businesses to prioritize the promotion of fairness and equity in their decision-making.

Concept 2 pitch


Our client chose Concept 2: An intersectional AI tool. Our charge was to create assets for storytelling and making the sell to investors. We built out two prototypes:

  1. Product home page
  2. Use case storyboard

We presented our final pitch and built in time for an “Ideation jam session” which led to further concept deliberation and  edits to the prototypes.

Final pitch at X - The Moonshot Factory


Opportunity Atlas: Reveal blind spots in your strategy.

Key Learnings

Nimble teams working together to solve problems fast.

This was an agile team of talented minds and diverse skillsets and perspectives. We worked precisely and rapidly without squashing big ideas and delivered something valuable to the team at X.

Embodying the culture of X 

We embodied the culture of rapid prototyping and aspirational thinking and embraced the fact that X boasts failed projects in order to learn and improve.