Road to scalability

Fluid Health and Fitness 💪🏼


Fluid Health and Fitness is a Physical Therapy Clinic that specializes in science-powered fitness offering PT and corrective exercise services. Founder Ryan Maxwell is on a mission to empower everyone to reach their highest level of function by making the science of self-care accessible.


Develop strategies to help Fluid scale their business.


Final business recommendations to grow business and increase longterm revenue:

  1. Brand and UX refresh to capture a new customer segment
  2. Streamline CX with remote corrective exercise packages to close more deals
  3. Leverage Ryan’s subject matter expertise as a key marketing tool

We delivered:

  1. 90 day and 3 year road map
  2. Cost analysis
  3. Quant/qual analysis 
  4. Prototypes and ad campaign

    Business Designer

    UX / Visual Designer


    Scrum, in-depth interviews, MoSCW analysis, Quant/Qual analysis, storyboarding, user journey mapping, competitive analysis, business models, positioning, marketing, value proposition, cost analysis, prototyping, road mapping


    XD, Miro, Canva, Slack


    Sept. - Dec., 2023 (Three months)


    This was a three month project with a team of three. Our initial charge was to analyze Fluid’s distinctive assets through in-depth interviews, storyboarding, MoSCW analysis, business modeling, and value propositioning. We also did a competitive analysis, capturing their current positioning and brand value.

    Research goals:

    1. Understand current customer behavior and pain points
    2. Define Fluid’s current business model and identify disctinctive assets
    3. Determine Fluid’s standards and limitations
    4. Find opportunities to reach potential clients

    Current customer experience storyboard

    Current positioning, brand value, and vibe

    Opportunity areas

    From this research, we identified two opportunity areas:

    1. New customer segment: physically fit 25-45 year olds, or “Movement millenials”
    2. Digital solutions for corrective exercise 

    New business strategy

    Prototyping, validating, and derisking

    Refining ideas and feedback with Fluid, we identified our highest stakes assumption:

    Digital connection is less valuable than in person corrective exercise.

    We verified this assumption by creating and testing an ad campaign on Fluid’s social channels.

    Movement millennials campaign


    We ran the campaign for (?) hours. Results showed:

    • 135 total clicks (58% from 25-45yo)
    • 35 total survey responses (71.4% from 19-55yo)

    Verifiying interest in remote corrective exercise experiences with “Movement millenials,” which led to our final business recommendations and road map. 

    Survey results. Significant finding: 88.6% male respondents 

    Final strategy for longterm growth:

    1. We introduced, “Form by Fluid” business strategy to Fluid which prioritized capturing “Movement millenials.” To do this, we recommended Fluid refresh their UX and messaging and mocked up examples.
    2. To close more leads, we recommended streamlining point of sale and digital customer experience.
    3. Finally, we recommended Fluid double down on marketing to entice and sustain new users. One way to gain a larger following is to leverage Ryan’s subject matter expertise and position him as the world’s #1 Movement expert

    Examples of UX refresh

    Positioning Ryan Maxwell as the world’s #1 Movement expert

    Key Learnings

    Stortelling, storytelling, storytelling.

    This is one of the biggest values I bring to teams, but it was my biggest challenge on this project. I learned the value of communicating story internally and the impact it makes when everyone is on the same page about the story we develop and how we deliver it to our client. 

    Setting expectations is key.

    Project roles were communicated at the start, but our challenge was sticking to our roles. In the beginning of any project it is imperative to ground the team in working styles and hold each other accountable.

    Difficult conversations.

    Communication and empathy is another key asset I bring to teams. Feedback and mid-project peer reviews are essential in team working dynamics, productivity, and peace of mind. 

    Belief in the company. 

    When I truly believe in a company’s mission and vision, I can make a greater impact by empathizing and connecting with a company’s “Why” and their long term goals.