Designing collaborative tools for AI governance

Olivia Gambelin 💻


Olivia Gambelin is an AI Ethicist who specializes in the practical application of ethics to technological innovation and the founder of Ethical Intelligence, AI Ethics advisory firm providing Ethics-as-a-Service through the world’s largest network of Responsible AI practitioners.


Lead the design and devlopment process and create a framework that visualizes Olivia’s work about the implementation of responsible AI.  


A tested tool that went beyond visualizing Olivia’s methodology. Collaboration and iterative design practices led to:


Visual Designer
Team Leader


In-depth interviews, manuscript analysis, rapid prototyping, and usability testing


XD, Miro, Slack


Nov. 1 - Dec. 5, 2023 (Six weeks)

︎︎︎ Download Ethical AI Canvas

Workshop using the Ethical AI Pillars

Research and Ideation

This was a six week project with a team of four. Our initial charge was to research and analyze the material and ideate different infographic solutions.

Guiding questions included:

  1. How do we make it so someone can understand these concepts quickly without having to read the book?
  2. How might we create a framework that would reveal blindspots in an organization’s strategy?
  3. Can we create a “Grab and go package" for each project?

Initial round of ideations

Olivia’s material communicates in depth concepts and methodologies for organizations to implement ethical AI into their business strategies. Instead of simply visualizing her concepts and ideas, we began to ask how we might create a tool that helps businesses identify gaps in current business strategies as it relates to implementing AI tools and practices responsibly. 

This lead to the first iteration of the Ethical AI Canvas.

Ethical AI Canvas - Version 1

Ethical AI Canvas - Version 2


After refining ideas with our client, we facilitated a usibility workshop with global participants deeply embedded in diverse industries and fields of technology.

We provided pre-scenario context for participants before the workshop. Participants were asked to imagine they were all employees of the “Bank of Ixelles,” the project name: AI Credit Loan, the Ethical Value to be considered in each element: Fairness. We also provided a brief prompt to ground participants in a common scenario and goal.

Usability test workshop

The interactive prototype and facilitated workshop gave our team the opportuity to see how the canvas worked first-hand and we recieved invaluable feedback which greatly improved the final design. 

Olivia presenting Ethical AI workshop at CCA

Key Learnings

Everyone wins.

When delivering a product or service, it doesn’t matter who scores and who assists (to use a soccer analogy) - it is communication, ideation, and efficient facilitation that leads to successful outcomes.

Visual design is so much more than making something look pretty. 

I am passionate about educating people about the true power of design. Design takes complex ideas and concepts and boils them down into bite sized nuggets of digestible, useful information. In nutrition, it’s called “Bioavailability,” which refers to how well your body is able to efficiently extract the nutrients from the foods you eat. You can have a paradigm-shifting idea, but if you cannot communicate it effectively, who will reap the benefits? That is the power of design. 
This is exactly how we approached working with Olivia and how we created the final deliverable. We took her big ideas and made them into visual, interative frameworks which are understandable and useful.