Hardcover, September 2023


Michelle Zamora


Breath is a documentation of a personal and artistic odyssey. Delving into the existential meaning of breath, I play with different materials, mediums, and media, making the intangible tangible.  

My book draws parrallels between the design process and the monkey brain. It features stories and images of iterations and half-baked ideas, mirroring the relationship between making and breathing. For continuity, Breath follows the narrative arc of the four truths of life - a concept in Dharma Family Treaures, a book from which I extracted immense inspiration for both making and writing. According to ancient yogis, the four truths of life can be described using the acronym BIIG:

1. Life is a Bumpy Road
2. Life is Impermanent
3. Life is Interdependent
4. Life Can be Great

In my debut book, I invite readers to pause, reflect, and appreciate the subtle beauty and significance of something that is invisible, yet fundamental to life - breath.

Breath is one of the most beautiful and thoughtfully designed thesis books I have ever seen...The entire book makes me want to read it all the way through...this is the kind of thesis book that you absolutely want to share with the world. It is rare to design something that is both extremely delicate and extremely confident and precise.”

– Martin Venezky, artist and photographer, 2001 SFMOMA solo exhibition

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